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We exist so that students, in grades 6th-12th, can grow and find joy in their walk with Jesus. Join us for interactive games, engaging worship and powerful teaching that can be practically applied to everyday life for a student in today's culture. 




Today's culture is filled with different definitions of "love". We believe that God's Word is overflowing with the truth that God loves you. The Ascent desires to remind each student just how much God loves and cares for you.

Have you ever begun to wonder why we are here? We desire to teach that God’s redemptive love has a purpose for each individual, and that His purpose for our life is never second best. It’s actually what we were made to do. 

God loves you. 

God has a plan for you. 


God’s plan for you involves others. 

God's Word tells us that we should not walk through this life alone. We believe that life is better when we are surrounded by good community. Our heart and passion is to cultivate a community of students who grow together and encourage each other towards the next step in their Christian walk.


 Southern Hills Church
6:00 - 8:00pm

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