South america

josiah and gloria dacunha


"We are praying that after a year in Portugal the Lord will lead us to the community He has for us. We are also praying that He will allow us to find a free standing building to begin the church plant in. As the Lord blesses His church, we plan to disciple the new believers through Sunday School, church services, and one on one discipleship programs. Step by step, the new believers and the church will grow. This growth will open the opportunity for an evening Bible school through which we can train nationals to start new churches."

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rom and rachel Ribeiro


"There is no doubt the Lord sent us to the right place to influence other pastors about Missions and church planting. Our seven-month-old church is averaging 45 people per service, and growing. After finishing the newcomers eight-week discipleship classes, our people are encouraged to go through one-on-one discipleship for their spiritual growth and to acquire church membership."