"We will start off our first term on the field by taking the time to enroll in full-time language school.  Thai has five tones. Learning a new script also presents a challenge, but most learners find it easier than they expect. Ultimately, the purpose for missionary work is the fulfillment of the Great Commission to go and teach all nations, baptize them, and teach them all things. Though providing food, medical care or meeting any other need is a good thing, they are purposeless if not paired with the priority of sharing salvation through Christ alone with a lost person. Our strategy is to personally witness to people and help those people develop a passion to reach their own with the gospel."

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David and Joanna Divakar


Hinduism afflicts eighty percent of India. The Divakars strive daily to spead the Word of God and the Light of the Gospel.

James and holly Tamang


Orphan children are the heart beat of the Tamang family. James was orphaned as a child. Read his moving story here.  His personal experience and the saving grace of God in his life has given him a passion to minister to the orphans of his home country. Holly and James were married in 2000 and now serve together for the people.

Daniel and Hannah schwalbe


Daniel and Hannah have had the opportunity to start a Bible college and are looking to start another for the dead in particular! The couple is already teaching reading to the illiterate deaf. They are currently seeking to receive employment visas to replace their current tourist visas; this will allow them to work more freely in the country.