Membership classes

We want you to join the team! 

At Southern Hills, we want every person to understand our mission, process, and vision. Our desire is that every believer be fully equipped to engage their community with the love of Jesus Christ. These classes will help you in your journey with Christ. We look forward to seeing you at our Membership Classes. 


The Connect Class is the first of our four membership classes and is the best way for you to get involved in the exciting things happening at Southern Hills. This is a four week class taught by Blake Hunt and Heather Teis. In this class you will learn the structure of Southern Hills and the importance of getting connected.  


The Grow Class is the second of our four membership classes. This is a four week class taught by Pastor Chris Owens and focuses on the four essentials habits that promote Christian growth: Bible Study, Prayer, Giving, and Small Groups.  

PART 3 - SERVE class

We believe it is essential that every believer has an active role in the church community. This class, taught by Pastor Jason Coombes, is specifically designed to help you find the area in which God has gifted you. Specific ministries will be highlighted during this one-day seminar, and a spiritual gifts test will be given to help you find what your strengths are.

PART 4 - SHARE class

We believe it is essential that every believer understand how to share their faith and to be able to explain the Gospel clearly. The Share Class, taught by Pastor Fred Murray, gives you the information and instruction on how to answer the questions many people have about Christianity. You must be a graduate of the Serve Seminar to take this class.